Diploma in CT Scan Technician (ODOT - 1)
 Why study at KCPS?

Course Objective : The course provides intensive theoretical and practical training to the students and aims to train competent personnel and develop them to be technicians managing the Operation Theatre. After going through this programme, the student should be able to:

  1. In assisting the anesthetists in setting up the various requirements in the type of Anesthesiology – local, regional or general.
  2. Have the emergency crash cart set-up available, prepared and maintained all the time.
  3. Maintain, troubleshoot and be prepared with the anesthesia machine all the time.
  4. Understand the pharmacology of various drugs used in anesthesia including their side effects, toxicity, doses of administration, proper administration and proper utilization.
  5. Know enough about infection control and self-protection.
  6. Care for the anaesthetized, unconscious, recovering patient and pickup warning signals clinically by observing the monitors and alert the physician/surgeon.
  7. Provide ongoing care during the recovery phase at the recovery room from the technological point of view.
  8. Know all principles of safety of patients at every stage during transportation and in various positions.

Course Duration : 1 Year

Eligibility :Minimum 10+2 or equivalent with science subject with minimum 45% marks

Knowledge and Skills :


Program Structure:

Duration: 12 Months - 600 Hours (Including Observership)
Study Sessions Course NameSoft Skills and Digital Literacy
Paper I Anatomy & Physiology
Paper II Basic Concept of Biochemistry
Paper III Pathology and Patient Safety & Infection Control
Paper IV Principles & Practice of Theatre Management and Material Including Bio-Medical Waste
Paper V Personnel Management of Hospital Staff, Controlling &Supervision
Paper VI O.T. / ICU Maintenance & Maintenance of Medical & Non-Medical Equipment